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17 Best Horror Manga You Need To Read In 2024

Horror Manga is a Japanese comic genre that delves into themes like ghosts, monsters, and supernatural occurrences. This storytelling medium blends intricate plots, thematic elements, and narrative dialogues with sequential art traditionally read from right to left.

Yukihiro Nakajima
Yukihiro Nakajima
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  1. Attack On Titan
  2. Claymore
  3. Deadman Wonderland
  4. Gantz
  5. Franken Fran
  6. Doubt
  7. Hell Girl
  8. Blood C
  9. The Drifting Classroom
  10. Homunculus
  11. Shiki
  12. I Am A Hero
  13. Pet Shop Of Horrors
  14. Helter Skelter
  15. The Garden Of Sinners
  16. The Junji Ito Horror Comic Collection
  17. Chainsaw Man
17 Best Horror Manga You Need To Read In 2024

Horror Manga is a Japanese comic genre that delves into themes like ghosts, monsters, and supernatural occurrences. This storytelling medium blends intricate plots, thematic elements, and narrative dialogues with sequential art traditionally read from right to left. Numerous horror manga series have captivated fans for extended periods, providing a continuous source of delight for enthusiasts.

The manga world is a vibrant realm filled with diverse stories and genres, often reflecting Japan's distinct worldview. Manga and anime follow a categorization system different from Western standards, featuring specific genres unique to Japanese storytelling. Nevertheless, numerous genres are expected to include anime and Western literature, contributing to both traditions' rich tapestry of storytelling.

Attack On Titan

The storyline of Attack on Titan centers around Eren Jäger, his adoptive sister Mikasa Ackermann, and his best friend Armin Arlert. They reside within walled cities, humanity's refuge against the Titans—enormous humanoid creatures that inexplicably devour humans. These colossal walls ensured peace for 107 years until the Titans breached the outermost Wall Maria, forcing humanity to retreat.

Eren witnesses the death of his mother during this chaos, and he, along with many others, seeks refuge behind the second wall, Wall Rose. Here, fueled by the loss of his mother, Eren vows to eliminate the Titans.


In the world of Claymore, humans share their space with demons called Yōma, natural enemies of humans (also known as Specters in the manga). Yōma can transform into a human shape, allowing them to blend in with human society. Female warriors called Claymores are the only ones capable of detecting and eliminating these creatures.

These warriors, created by a secret organization, wield large swords known as claymores. Despite their human-like appearance, Claymores have distinct features, with silver eyes earning them the nickname "silver-eyed witches."

Deadman Wonderland

A powerful earthquake struck Japan, devastating the mainland and causing extensive damage to Tokyo, submerging three-quarters of the city underwater. Fast forward ten years, and the story revolves around Ganta Igarashi, a regular student at Nagano Prefecture College. Despite surviving the earthquake, Ganta has no recollection of the tragedy and has led an unremarkable life.

Everything takes a drastic turn when a peculiar man, drenched in blood and adorned in purple armor, hovers outside the classroom windows. With a maniacal grin, the Red-clad figure massacres Ganta's entire class but opts not to kill him, instead implanting a shard of red crystal into his chest.


Kei Kurono, a somewhat cynical and self-centered high school student in Tokyo with a penchant for erotic magazines, has an unexpected encounter one day. While waiting for the subway, he reunites with Masaru Katō, a childhood friend he had lost touch with, coincidentally at the same station. In a twist of fate, Kei is compelled to make a heroic gesture—rescuing a drunken tramp who has fallen onto the tracks against all odds.

Franken Fran

Fran Madaraki, a surgeon created by the renowned biologist Naomitsu Madaraki, initially serves as his assistant. However, in Dr. Madaraki's absence, Fran takes charge of the laboratory. Her days unfold in performing various surgeries, some of them quite bizarre. Despite the strangeness, Fran finds joy in her work, often turning her patients' requests into monstrous transformations.

Her sincere desire is for Dr. Madaraki's return to reclaim the responsibilities. The manga explores the theme of "Be careful what you wish for," as patients approach Fran with requests for physical enhancements—wanting to be thinner, more beautiful, or younger. While Fran agrees to these requests, more often than not, the patients' dreams morph into medical nightmares.


In Japan, the popular game Rabbit Doubt has captured players' imaginations. The rules are straightforward: participants become rabbits in a colony, with one secretly designated as the wolf. Each round, the wolf "devours" a rabbit, and the remaining rabbits strive to expose the wolf.

The game concludes when the wolf is revealed or all the rabbits are consumed. Five players from Rabbit Doubt—Yū Aikawa, Eiji Hoshi, Haruka Akechi, Rei Hazama, and Hajime Komaba (who couldn't attend due to a university emergency)—meet for a social gathering. Mitsuki Hōyama, initially not a player, is also present.

However, their day turns dark when they all lose consciousness, awakening in an abandoned hospital alongside Hajime. They soon discover that Rei has been murdered, and it becomes apparent that someone has decided to turn Rabbit Doubt into a real-life ordeal. Their only chance for survival is to unmask the wolf among them and eliminate the threat.

Hell Girl

When someone harbors deep resentment, Jigoku Shōjo (Hell Girl) emerges and consigns the source of that hatred to Hell. However, the avenger must first make a pact with her, and the cost is always that the person initiating the contract will also face damnation in Hell upon their death. The series essentially comprises standalone tales, each narrating the suffering of a different individual at the hands of one or more tormentors.

These stories unfold through the contract made with Enma Ai and the ensuing retribution she inflicts on the wrongdoer. Each narrative meticulously recounts the progression of harassment, intensifying the protagonist's anguish until they can no longer endure the torment, prompting them to seek the aid of the girl from Hell.

Blood C

The series unfolds more than 30 years after the events in the movie Blood: The Last Vampire, specifically in 2005. The storyline introduces modern complexities involving various organizations, such as the US Army, aiming to harness vampires for their agendas. Saya Otonashi resides in Okinawa City with her adoptive father, George Miyaguscu, and her two brothers, Kai and Rik. Saya's memories before living with her current foster family a year ago are hazy. Due to medical reasons, she requires occasional blood transfusions.

The Drifting Classroom

One morning, a primary school and everyone inside vanishes with a thunderous noise, leaving only a space behind. In place of the school building, there's now a vast, ominous hole. The students and teachers suddenly find themselves in a bleak and hostile desert. As the adults succumb to madness, resorting to suicide and violence, the children are left to navigate this problematic universe on their own.


Manabu Ito, a prosperous medical student fascinated by the occult, crosses paths with Susumu Nakoshi, a highly rational salaryman living in his car during an extended leave. Facing financial difficulties, Susumu agrees to Manabu's proposal to undergo trepanation in exchange for 700,000 yen. This procedure triggers a newfound ability in Susumu's Sensitive Homunculus, granting him a sixth sense.


The tale unfolds in the secluded mountain village of Sotoba, where ancient customs like traditional burials persist. One blistering summer's end, the Kirishiki family abruptly moves into a grand western-style castle atop a hill, casting a shadow over the village. Simultaneously, a string of abrupt deaths plagues the residents.

Toshio Ozaki, the chief physician and owner of the sole clinic, initially suspects a mysterious epidemic. However, aided by his childhood friend Seishin Muroi, now a local temple priest and successful author, they unearth a horrifying truth: the deceased return as vampires, compelled to drink others' blood to survive. This eerie phenomenon traces back to the arrival of the Kirishiki family.

I Am A Hero

Hideo Suzuki, a once-paranoid mangaka, is eager to regain success and win a house to share with his girlfriend, Tekko, an aspiring mangaka. Unbeknownst to him, an epidemic begins, turning people into bloodthirsty monsters. Hideo, focused on his manga for financial stability, remains oblivious to the impending crisis. As the infection spreads, engulfing Japan and possibly the world, Hideo finds himself amidst the chaos. His struggle for survival unfolds against the backdrop of a society falling apart, overrun by infected individuals and survivors who, in their desperation, abandon their humanity.

Pet Shop Of Horrors

Count D operates a mysterious, exotic pet store in Los Angeles's Chinatown. The creatures he offers through sale, gift, loan, or candy exchange come with contracts containing three crucial clauses. These clauses vary depending on the animal, and violating the agreement triggers severe, often intentionally provoked, consequences in the buyer's life.

The store disclaims any responsibility for these outcomes, although the underlying motive appears to be orchestrating such events. Pet Shop of Horrors chapters typically revolve around these consequences, presenting standalone stories with new characters in each chapter.

Aside from the main characters, Lion and the Count, most individuals rarely appear in more than one chapter, contributing to the series' episodic nature. In the miniseries, Detective Leon Orcot connects the chapters through an ongoing plot, usually presented as a subplot within each chapter.

Initially suspecting Count D of criminal activities, such as using the pet shop as a front for drug trafficking, Detective Leon Orcot gradually unravels the mysteries surrounding the pet shop and Count D, leading to an unexpected friendship as he seeks the truth.

Helter Skelter

The tale revolves around Ririko, a vain and greedy girl who undergoes a series of illicit plastic surgeries, transforming into the epitome of beauty. As a result, she ascended to stardom as a supermodel, actress, and singer, featuring in top films. However, the clinic where Ririko sought help shut down, leaving her with no recourse for maintenance.

Her body, unable to endure numerous surgeries, begins to deteriorate. Swelling and ulcers emerge on Ririko's once flawless skin, rapidly spreading throughout her body. Faced with the deterioration, her mind begins to fade alongside her physical form. Terrified of losing her remaining beauty and being forgotten, Ririko chooses to end her life while still beautiful, committing suicide.

The Garden Of Sinners

Set in the Japanese city of Mifune in the late 1990s, Kara no Kyōkai follows the story of Shiki Ryōgi, a young teenager raised as a demon hunter. Surviving a fatal accident, Shiki acquires the "mystical eyes of mortal perception," allowing her to see the "death" of entities in the form of lines and points. Any cut along these lines results in the irreversible destruction of the object's essence.

The narrative revolves around Mikiya Kokutō's determined efforts to connect with Shiki during their high school years and the evolution of their relationship. After gaining control over her ability, Shiki joins Tōko Aozaki's detective agency, Garan no Dō, investigating supernatural cases in Mifune and exploring the meaning of Aozaki's existence.

The storyline comprises separate chapters, each with its own story and unique antagonists. The light novel and the films are presented in a non-chronological order, with each chapter or feature film contributing to the overall narrative.

The Junji Ito Horror Comic Collection

Tomie, a student disliked by her peers for her arrogance and selfishness, harbors a fascination for Professor Takagi. She is accidentally pushed off a cliff during an argument with her boyfriend, Yamamoto. In a gruesome turn of events, her classmates and the teacher mutilate her body, scattering the pieces to conceal the incident from authorities. Astonishingly, Tomie reappears in class the following day. This enigmatic girl captivates men, leading them to fall in love, lose sanity, and commit murder, only for her to regenerate endlessly.

Chainsaw Man

The narrative unfolds in a world where demons manifest from human fears. These demons, born from potent fears, possess varying degrees of danger and hostility, their strength directly tied to the intensity of the corresponding fear in the collective human consciousness. Despite their potential menace, humans have the option to form contracts with demons, enabling them to harness the demons' powers. Those skilled in hunting and utilizing demons are known as demon hunters.

Demons trace an endless life cycle between Earth and Hell, originating from human fears and returning to Hell when defeated on Earth, and vice versa. In Hell, formidable entities known as Primal Fears, never having been defeated, reside. The transition between the two realms appears overseen by the Devil of Hell.

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