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So is there a second season planed for Blood Lad?

I haven't read the manga yet, but I can't really see a way where everything can be tied up in the one episode it has left. I mean, it doesn't really feel like they've developed much of a plot to tie up in the first place so there's gotta be more right?

Or is what they're giving us exactly what's in the manga, and the manga's just not a very developed work?

Either way, I really like the series, but I wish there was more.

I kinda doubt it would get a second season. I love it and all but it doesn't seem to be very popular, so unless if I'm missing some massive hype that's happening in Japan they probably won't be able to make it. Who knows, maybe we'll have a really unsatisfying ending and it'll turn into a "just read the manga" type of thing. (I can't speak for the manga though, as I haven't read it.)

Just read the manga. :l

No, there won't be another season anytime soon, unless there are more chapters available. In fact, the next episode is going to be the last episode. There are currently 30 chapters I believe and the anime has adopted 27 out of the 30 chapters.

As of episode 9, the anime has covered 27 chapters. I suspect that episode 10 will cover 28-30. (Coincidentally, chapter 30 is as far as the manga has been translated in English.) If my assumption is correct, then episode 10 will leave off with a bit of a cliffhanger. Although it may leave some unsatisfied, it's probably the best place to stop and make a transition into season 2. The raw scans are only up to chapter 48, so if a second season is made, it will either take a while for more source material, or an anime-only ending will be created. I'm ok with either just as long as it's continued, since the anime has been great so far. The most important thing to remember, however, is that we'll only get a season 2 if DVDs/BDs sell well. I'm hoping they do.

There is an OVA if i'm not wrong..

There is an OVA if i'm not wrong..

You aren't.

There is an OVA if i'm not wrong..

You aren't.

But it's probably going to be shit.


I kinda figured it wouldn't get a second season. It's just one of those anime with that kinda feel to it. It's good to know that the manga carries on with it though, so we don't get stuck with such a half-assed story.

And as for the OVA, I figure there is no way they can cover as much as they should in it.

the OVA might sum up everything from the manga :/ but since the manga is still ongoing, then I guess I can't say if it'll be as satisfying, in that case just read the manga :)

OVAs tend to just be spin-offs that don't relate much to the main storyline. I wouldn't get my hopes up on it being a continuation from episode 10.

Can't they have an ova and a season 2? :( This sucks.

Part wanted but also part not wanted. You see, if they continue with it the whole thing might get too dragging. At least they put a proper open ended closure unlike Air Gear.

Ummm, That show was amazing, I'm not going to say that it was the best out there this season but pretty close in terms of potential. It wasn't suited to be a seasonal anime, It was definitely suited to be a long term anime like hunter x hunter or one piece. That's why it had an open ended plot, and mainly focused on characters to carry the story. I feel that it has potential to come back once the manga progresses, but as of yet no.